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Gather links from your Twitter timeline into an RSS feed!

ToFeed watches your Twitter timeline for interesting links and give you back an RSS feed.

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How It Works?

Watches Your Timeline For You

Connect your Twitter account to ToFeed then it will watch all the tweets from your timeline (or any given list).

From those tweets it gets the links that people post and filter the one that are the most interesting. With all this information ToFeed returns an RSS feed for you (private) that you can add in any RSS reader like Feedly or similar.

Check an example of what it looks like

Curated Content From Humans

You probably follow great people on Twitter, take advantage of it!

With ToFeed you will get an RSS feed of all the great resources they tweet about. Day and night ToFeed will gather that content for you.

Learn more about how we judge an interesting link

Organize And Monitor

Pro subscriptions come with advanced capabilities.

You can plug multiple Twitter accounts and direct them to multiple RSS feeds. Organize your monitoring with Twitter lists or specific accounts and watch what your competitors link to.

Learn more about getting multiple RSS for different lists


Filter The Noise

Get a break! Connect your Twitter timeline to ToFeed and put the resulting RSS into your favorite reader.

That way you cut out the noise, but you are not missing out!

Multiple Accounts

With Pro, you can connect multiple Twitter accounts and merge them into a single RSS (or multiple RSS).

ToFeed will be soon part of your monitoring workflow.

Multiple Feeds

With Pro, you can make multiple RSS feeds and choose, which source goes into it.

You may also name those feeds and share them with anybody, so your curation can benefit to other.




  • One Twitter Account
  • One Feed



  • Multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Multiple Feeds
  • Connect Twitter lists



  • Other Type Of Sources
  • Multi-user
  • Custom Workflow
  • Talk with us!

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