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What ToFeed do?

ToFeed is here to help you reconnect with the real world without missing out on the important stuffs.

How it works?

It checks your twitter home feed for you and gives you a summary a few times a day. That way you're not missing out, skip all the ranting, and save time for the things that really matter in your life.
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ToFeed is a paying service. Long story short: I am an indie developer, working alone on this project. So, at some point, I need money to live and pay for the server.
ToFeed DOES respect your privacy,
ToFeed DOES NOT collect your private data,
ToFeed DOES NOT sell any data,
ToFeed DOES NOT show ads.
The price is modest: $US3/month, if enough people pay it could be sustainable without being too pricey.

First start

Right after your registration on ToFeed — so-called first start — you will not get your own content. Indeed, ToFeed cannot get your content from the last few hours because you've just register. To prevent a blank and deceptive state, ToFeed will show you some example content. Use this time to explore the app and do not forget to activate the notifications!



How it works?




Something is not working!

It will happen at some point, don't worry I'm here to help! Contact me at [email protected] and try to get a screenshot.

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